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Common House Crickets

Common House Crickets

The house cricket’s name comes simply from the fact that it often gets into houses where they have been seen to survive indefinitely. They can also enter in large numbers.

The adults get to about ⅞” and are light yellow-brown with 3 dark crossbands on the head.

During warm weather months, house crickets will typically live outdoors and prefer garbage dumps – gross. They often enter the home looking for moisture; this is a common theme with pests. When the house cricket gets into your house, they’ll usually hide in dark warm places during the day.

House crickets like to chew on fabrics – silk, wool, cotton, and synthetic products (acetate, viscose, and triacetate). Clothes that have been perspired on are especially attractive to house crickets – double gross.

They have the distinct chirping sound. That’s the male rubbing his front wings together. The male’s “calling song” is meant to attract female crickets.

During warm weather, house crickets prefer to live outdoors. They May live in various areas around your home such as damp walls cavities and in cracks along concrete edges. They may also seek shelter inside homes. Indoors, they are most commonly found in warm, moist places like kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. Like most cricket species, they are nocturnal and stay hidden during the day.

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Common House Crickets

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