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Book Lice

Book Lice

Booklice may not be real lice in that they aren’t a parasite that sucks the blood of humans, but they can still be very annoying when encountered in large numbers. As their name suggests, Booklice like to gather around wherever there is paper, books, bookcases, newspaper, wallpaper and wherever mould tends to grow.

Large infestations of Booklice can become a nuisance and they can even contribute to allergies. If you want to sit down to a good book again without having to worry about these bugs giving you company, you will need to take action to eliminate the Booklice invasion.

How to get rid of

Book Lice

Booklice control begins with a thorough clean-up of infested items. Discard any belongings that have Booklice or mould. Once that is complete, we recommend Suitable Aerosol.. You can also use a Suitable Aerosol registered for Booklice control and apply directly to the cracks and crevices of bookshelves, and pantries where you found Booklice.

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