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Possums are plentiful in certain Sydney Suburbs, especially common brushtail and common ringtail possums.

Both are nocturnal, but brushtail possums are about the size of a cat, with bushy black tails, thick grey fur and large ears, while ringtails are also grey, but are smaller, with small ears, and skinny, white-tipped tails.

Brushtails favour big old gum trees with hollows to nest in, but these are becoming few and far between, forcing them to look for alternative accommodation – and that may mean your roof.

How do you know if there is a possum in your roof?

Being nocturnal, possums are generally most active at night.

The usual signs of having a possum in the roof are heavy bangs on the ceiling or roof at night as they run around, hissing and coughing noises coming from your roof, or stains on your ceiling or a strong ammonia smell caused by their urine.

How to get rid of


Many councils have wire mesh possum traps you can rent. Put the trap in the roof near the possum’s access point and check it every morning.

If you catch a possum, you must release it within 24 hours and it must be at night.

Remove the trap from the roof, put it in an area of your house that is quiet and cool, and cover it with an old towel or blanket to keep the light out.

During the day, make sure you block all visible access points to the roof, or the possum will return. At sunset, release the possum away from your property.

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