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Bird Mites

Bird Mites

Quick facts:

  • Bird mites are parasites of poultry and wild birds.
  • Some situations can bring bird mites into contact with people.
  • Although small, bird mites are visible.
  • Bird mites can bite people but cannot reproduce on human blood.

Identifying bird mites

Like all adult mites, they have two main body parts and eight legs.
They are very small (about 1/32 inch long), but are visible with the naked eye.
They can vary in colour but are generally brownish or greyish.  They can appear darker after feeding.
They are associated with bird nests on or in buildings.

How to get rid of

Bird Mites

Physical removal is the best control when bird mites are found in homes.

Vacuum them or wipe them up with a moist cloth.

Vacuuming does not kill the mites. Freeze or throw away the vacuum cleaner bag to prevent the mites from crawling back out.

There are several steps to prevent bird mites from entering a home.

Remove any dead birds that you find. Remove and dispose of empty nests.

Do not disturb nests if eggs or young birds of federally protected songbirds are present.

If the nesting season is over and only adults remain, you may remove the nest without harming the birds.

Pigeons, starlings and house sparrows are not federally protected. You may remove their nests any time.

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