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A typical European wasp worker is about 1.75mm long, and is short and blocky. All European wasps are yellow and black or white and black. Paper wasps are 2mm long, and more slender. Paper wasps may be distinguished from European wasps by their long legs and by their colour. They are usually red and yellow, or mostly yellow with small areas of black. Identification is important, as the two wasps have different nesting habits.

Habitat- European wasps nest below the soil in mouse burrows or similar sites, inside walls of houses, and roof voids. Paper wasps also build nests of wood fibre, but theirs consist only of a naked comb, they never have enclosing envelopes. An average nest of one species of paper wasp, contains about 200 cells; the largest nests have fewer than 400 cells. Paper wasp nests are most noticeable on the eaves of houses, but they also are constructed in logs, under rocks, in grass clumps, and inside pipe used as clothesline poles.

Treatment Methods

European wasps - treatment involves locating nest, usually underground in wall cavities, or roof voids then injecting nest with a low toxic environmentally friendly insecticide into the nest, leaving entry points unblocked so that any wasps that are out foraging will return and contact the insecticide.

Paper wasps - treatment involves locating nests, there could be several, usually under eaves, pergolas or on tree branches. Then spraying the nests directly using a surface spray, hence eradication of wasps immediately. Paper wasp nests are removed were possible.

Treatment Time - approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour.