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Brush tailed Possums are one of the few remnants of Australian wildlife that love cities. In fact where Brush tailed possum have disappeared from their bush habitats, they have thrived in cities. Cities provide sheltered roofs and large trees to live in, as well as well watered gardens with rose shoots and fruit and flowers to eat. Many possums supplement their natural diet with our rubbish and table scraps. Human habitation equals possum paradise.

The dilemma arises when possums inhabit the roof space of houses. Possums are nocturnal. They usually leave the roof to forage on dusk and return home at about 4am. They usually are quite vocal when they return "home". Their method of communication is with blood curdling shrieks, although this is just "possum speak". Before they return home though, they may spend time frolicking on your roof. People hearing this for the first time, liken it to stomping around in boots. Possums are a protected species in Australia and as such, the only available solution for the home owner is to trap and relocate the possum.

This service involves setting a possum cage in a secure area within your premises (usually the roof). The possum is normally caught overnight. If more than 1 possum is on site then another cage will be set up free of charge. Under No circumstances try to catch this animal. If cornered possums can cause serious injuries. Let the trained proffessional solve this problem.